Laura Bozzo attended the Premios TVyNovelas 2015 event on Sunday night as her talk show was nominated for an award. The Peruvian host in the Best Stand-Alone Program category where it competed against "Como Dice El Dicho," "Hermosa Esperanza" and "La Rosa De Guadalupe." The panel of judges voted for "Como Dice El Dicho" and awarded the Genoveva Martinez-produced show. After the category was over Bozzo took to Twitter to congratulate the production and it all seemed that she took her lost with grace. "Congratulations to 'Como Dice El Dicho,' the truth is I left early because I had nothing to do there, I felt fatal," she wrote.

Bozzo later added, "It's an event for famous artists. It's really fun to see the judging panel is all from the 'Hoy' show, it's the same circle as always, nothing to do with me." Laura was referring to numerous people of the panel that do not like and criticize her work like Flor Rubio and Lupita Martinez. She then later went on a rant, seemingly referring to Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, the hosts of the night and personalities on the Televisa morning show. Bozzo replied to Enrique Arreola's tweet saying, "the glamorous stars that think they own Televisa, I am low-class. I am seriously never going to those things again." She later added, "they are the goddesses of the network. They don't even say hi to me, they seem as the low-class Indian, but if the people love me, who is against me."

What a sore loser, don't you think? Earlier in the week she was interviewed by TVyNovelas magazine and she had a completely different take. "This nomination served us well because it is a form of receiving something back for what we do," she said. We are competing with 'La Rosa de Guadalupe' and 'Como Dice El Dicho,' that are very good shows and very different from mine. Just beign nominated is something that makes us happy. Any program that wins will be fine." When she was asked if she felt that she could win the award she said, "I don't plan on winning. The only thing that I would like is that one day they would create a category that awards the show that does the most social work." Read Laura Bozzo's tweets and below and tell us what you think!

Laura Bozzo Tweets Bozzo's rant on Twitter. Twitter