Laura Bozzo has caused quite the commotion in Mexico after she was caught in a lie by Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui. Following the allegations that Bozzo's rescue efforts in Guerrero were all staged and she only played up to the camera for ratings, the Peruvian host challenged the Mexican journalist to visit an affected area and see who was more popular. Aristegui the following day declined the challenge and swore not to talk about the matter again but the circus continued and it has been a back and forth battle ever since. The audience has been enjoying the public feud and has had fun attacking Laura as she is seen as a disgrace to the country for the humiliation her panelists go through on a day-to-day basis. The latest shaming comes via Carlos Chavira who wrote a song that calls the talk show host a "liar" and a "terrorist."

"Vieja Mentirosa" (Lying Woman) is the name of the tune that has gone viral with over 265,000 views on YouTube and as of this writing, ranked in the Top 5 in the "Most Popular" section in Mexico. "I am going to tell you a story about a terrible woman that came to Mexico because she was not liked in herhome country," Chavira sings. "She made fun of the poor people and she is now the most hated woman by a whole nation." Then the fun starts when user submitted videos calling Laura a "Vieja Mentirosa" start popping up as part of the chorus with an animated Bozzo defending herself saying lines like, "I went there to help," "I carried boxes," "my arm hurts," "I don't cause a circus" and "I am Mexican."

The main lyrics continue, "You don't know what to do with your show, you utilize the poor to gain fame. Stop telling us that you're Mexican just because you know you can't be Peruvian. Don't contaminate the Mexican culture, that's why I want them to take away your show." Then the song continues to attack Laura even more about her rescue efforts, "Everyone knows that you went to Coyuca to stage a circus for your contraband show" and for taking advante of the poor people. "Don't compare yourself to a journalist," referring to Aristegui. "Stop saying you were a rescue worker; Laura youre the terrorist."

Despite all the negative remarks that have always existed around the "Laura" show, she is one of the highest rated entertainment shows, not counting telenovelas. "No, no, no, it can't be true that your show is the most watched," the tune continues. "If you really wanted to help us, go back to your country, we don't need you." The highly catchy track is also available for download on iTunes, you can watch the video down below. What do you think of "Vieja Mentirosa?"


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