Laura Bozzo is having a taste of her own medicine after many years exposing cheating men on her talk show. The Peruvian television host found out that her boyfriend of many years, Cristian Zuárez, was cheating on her with a woman in Miami. "I had no idea of this relationship of two years that Cristian had with this woman," she said on the show "Beto a Saber" via telephone. "I had no idea. I wish him the best."

According to the "Beto a Saber" host, the woman is called Adriana Amiel and lives in the city of Miami. "Cristian has always been a good person, he was with me during hard times, but I had no idea about this and if this is true, it's fine," Bozzo said. "I never needed a man to get to where I am. My show comes out in August, I have a digital platform and a book that I'm finishing."

The former Televisa show host confirmed that Zuárez was at home with her, but he refused to talk about the situation. Laura also said that she regrets helping out Cristian's family and that she's satisfied of having rejected his marriage proposals. She concluded by saying: "I will never get married with anybody that's not the father of my daughters. I will never get married again." Watch the video down below and tell us what you think of this drama!

Laura Bozzo has taken to Twitter to say that she will not be talking about the situation she is going through. "I want to inform that I will not be making any declarations in respect to Cristian and topics without foundation. I am very happy," she wrote.

Bozzo also added a cryptic message that gives way to the rumor mill. "God takes away, but when he gives back he multiplies it," she wrote. "Thank you to life that has given me so much."

Cristian Zuárez has not taken to task what the media is saying about him, but he has posted different quotes that may be insight to what he is going through right now. In a meme he posted titled "The Gaze," the passage read: "Everyone in the world deserves to be gazed at like if he was the best thing that happened." Could this be what pushed Zuárez away from Bozzo into another woman's arms? Did Laura not appreciate Cristian anymore?

Another tweet read: "May anyone come into my life that needs to come, may anyone who needs to leave, leave, may it hurt as much as it has to, and may anything that happens, happen."

In another tweet posted by Cristian Zuárez the passage read: "A little plant died on me from all the water that I gave it and I understood that giving more, even if it's good, it's not always the best." How do we read this? That Cristian might be feeling heartbroken and he loved someone so much that maybe it suffocated the other person.