A graduation party for a 17-year-old student was organized last week, but it wasn't all about fun as a 44-year-old California lawyer was arrested after a hidden camera was found in cat litter inside a bathroom.

Last week, Charles G. Korrell was arrested in connection with the incident. He now faces charges of misdemeanor electronic peeping, reported PEOPLE. According to the Marin Independent Journal, he was taken to the Marin County Jail and his bail was reportedly set at $15,000.

On June 15, officers were called to the home after the residents found a GoPro camera in a cat litter box, according to the Petaluma Police Department. It had been put in the bathroom. Before the camera was discovered, it had been recording for approximately 30 minutes, and no one at the party admitted they owned it.

The camera was seized by cops. Later they found footage of Korrell allegedly recording himself while putting the device in the litter box. Police said that Korrell was a guest at the party that was being hosted for a teen. His residence was searched by detectives. They seized potential electronic evidence that needs to be processed and examined further. When Korrell was booked, he listed his occupation as lawyer, and has been licensed in California since 2012.

In a similar but separate incident, on March 3, Bates College students living in a house dormitory located on Frye Street got an email notifying them of a camera that was found in a bathroom, according to The Bates Student. The mail was sent by Molly Newton, who is a member of the Bates Class of 2011, and serves as the Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life and Health Education.

One of the members of the custodial staff found the camera hidden in a bathroom fixture. Newton said that the college had determined that the "likely responsible party is a college employee." She shared that the person had been placed on "administrative leave pending further investigation and is prohibited from coming to campus."

The camera contained photographs of a couple of students, but they were all covered by a towel, according to the email.

Representation image: camera, photography
Representation image: camera, photography Photo by Miha Jan Strehovec on Unsplash