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Jesús Hernández Alcocer, a 79-year-old lawyer, who allegedly murdered his 21-year-old singer wife, died in a prison in Mexico City. Apparently, he suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, Oct. 4 morning after complaining to the prison guards that he was not feeling well.

The Mexico City Attorney General's Office said it is investigating the cause of death. Hernández Alcocer went into cardiac arrest while doctors treated him in a clinic inside the prison facility. He was declared dead at 10:45 a.m. local time, reports said.

He shot his wife Yrma Lydya while they were dining at Suntory, a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in the Mexico City neighborhood of Del Valle on June 23. The lawyer shot the woman twice which hit her in the chest and face.

According to the authorities Alcocer and his driver, Benjamin Hernández Mendoza, 46, were trying to escape from the restaurant in the lawyer's car when they were arrested. It was Hernández Mendoza who handed Alcocer the gun which was used for the murder.

There were a lot of issues in the couple's relationship. According to media sources, Lydya had approached a law firm for initiating divorce proceedings after several incidents of domestic violence. The singer had even filed a police report after Alcocer allegedly beat her in December 2021. He had also threatened her with a gun on another occasion. Even after all the violence, Lydya decided to give her marriage a second chance.

In a jail interview published on September 12, Hernández Alcocer talked about his troubled relationship. He spoke about not knowing the person he married.

"I don't know if I was married, I don't know if that was her name and who she was. I have met a person who did not exist, in my experience I do not know who she is and, if I speak of the dead, it is trying to find out who she was," he said.

Hernández Alcocer also rejected Lydya's accusations that he had beaten her in the past and that she was the one who hit him adding that he had no strength in his arms or legs after being operated on his spine.

The death of Lydya was very unfortunate as she was a rising folk music singer who had a promising career ahead of her.

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