League of Legends
"League of Legends" to revamp tutorial system for beginners. Creative Commons

Riot Games has revealed in a recent blog post it will reboot its tutorial system for the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title "League of Legends." The update is to help new players fully understand the game and make the learning process a whole lot easier. The tutorial system dubbed "Intros Bots" is basically a simplified version of the full game and covers basics of the combat system without getting into the complicated mess that is multiplayer online battle arena games.

The change is coming from feedback received by gamers, especially those who have quit due to lack of understanding of how to play the game. The new Intro Bots mode will utilize a couple of principals to make the game experience both learnable and fun which in turn will help gamers master "League of Legends." These ideals include: make learning fun, provide achieveable and meaningful goals, offer well-paced information, reinforce through play and deliver apporpriate challenge.

Riot Games wants Intro Bots to give beginners a managable first experience with the title but also have fun. But it isn't all about the learning aspect of the game. Many features of Intro Bots is based on the player's performance and Riot Games reassures players that it won't be easy saying the mode "isn't a pushover." The mode isn't just for beginners either. While novice players will be able to enjoy several games of Intro Bots and steadily learn the basics, more advanced ones will quickly grasp the essentials and move on to greater challenges in other modes.

The blog post also revealed, "Instead of broad, imprecise goals, we want to provide incremental steps towards power and success, which led directly to the personal quests feature in Intro Bots. Personal quests seek to provide useful, immediately relevant goals that can help new players get a feel for the rhythm of a typical League game, which includes unintuitive things like leaving the battle to go back to base. Since these quests are contextually triggered based on what a player is doing (or not doing), they're always relevant to his or her situation."

With that being said many players feel that no matter how you slice it no tutorial will fully prepare a gamer for the world of any MOBA title. There is some things you just learn by playing and a big concern is the environment. While yes there will be other noobs in the same position as you there are also a boat load of experienced players who frankly don't care how new you are and will continue on their way. Will the tutorial help? Probably in some aspects of the game but don't expect to be an expert once you've finished it.

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