'The Legend Of Korra' Season 2 Premiere Ratings Flop; Why The Low Ratings? [REPORT]

"Legend of Korra" season 2 ratings flop compared to last season. Facebook/The Legend of Korra

Since the show ended last year fans have been anxious for the season premiere of the "The Legend of Korra" season 2 "Book Two: Spirit." Unfortunately for Nickelodeon the season two premiere of Korra was met with less viewers than expected. The ratings have come in for the Legend of Korra season 2 premiere, and the numbers are lower than last years. The Legend of Korra season 2 premiered on Friday night with two highly-anticipated episodes; "Rebel Spirit" and "The Southern Lights."  

According to Nickelodeon unfortunately the numbers for both "Rebel Spirit" and "The Southern Lights" were less than expected, especially compared to last years premiere. Nick reports  that only 2.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the first two episodes of the season, "Rebel Spirit" and "The Southern Lights." In contrast, "The Legend of Korra's" series premiere in April of 2012 brought in 4.5 million viewers. The show's lowest-rated episode of the first season recieved 2.9 million viewers, and overall averaged about 3.5 million viewers per episode.

Multiple factors could contribute to the uninspiring ratings for "The Legend of Korra" season 2 premiere. The long hiatus between Book 1, which concluded in June of 2012,  and Book 2 might have left fans unaware that "The Legend of Korra" has returned. Also the change in time slot may also have effected the ratings. Season 1 aired on Saturday mornings, where as "The Legend of Korra" season 2 airs on Friday evenings at 7 pm. Many fans may also be opting to view the show online at Nick.com, or purchasing season 2 on iTunes or Amazon.

Multiple sources have commented on the shows premiere episode low-ratings from Da7e Gonzales of Republic City Dispatch who reminding fans that "there are two more Books coming that Nickelodeon is already spending money on." While Nick and More tweeted, "Nick's ratings have been low since late-August (lower than norm) so that could play a factor into Korra. We'll see how the Sat premieres did." 

The Legend of Korra season 2 will continue this Friday with episode three, "Civil Wars, Part 1." 

Will you be watching "The Legend of Korra" episode three "Civil Wars, Part 1?"

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