The third installment of Nickelodeon's hit-animated series "The Legend of Korra" was reported to be released in July but fans will be able to see the animated TV series right after San Diego Comic-Con 2014. While fans have been anxiously waiting for the premiere date of season three the production team has kept viewers up to date regarding the process of "Book Three: Change."  

A few months back Jeremy Zuckerman and sound designer Benjamin Wynn revealed in an interview with podcast “Republic City Dispatch” that the team was a little more than halfway done with the season. And it has been reported that Studio Mir has already begun post-production for "Book Three: Change."

Recently, composer Jeremy Zuckerman announced on Twitter that he is working on the music of "The Legend of Korra" season three finale. "Just finished an amazing string session for the #Korra book 3 finale. The most music yet! Fried but excited," he tweeted. He also shared a picture via Instagram of Andrew Prahlow doing some work for the season finale writing the caption, "Andrew Prahlow lends his trumpet skills for the#legendofkorra book 3 finale."

The creators have said that the third season will come considerably faster than the second so a release date after Comic-Con seems highly likely. It was speculated that Nickelodeon is waiting until San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to promote the show then will release it immediately after. The annual event will kick off July 24. If this rumor reigns true viewers will most likely see "The Legend of Korra" this fall.

While "Book Three: Change" has been kept under tight wraps leaks have hit the Internet hinting that dragons and spirits will be included in the third installment of the animated series. Moreover, fans are expected to see a lot of action in Beifong's life in "Change" as Konietzo has shared numerous pictures of the metal-bender.

Meanwhile last month rumors circulated around the web saying that the first two episode titles of "Book Three: Change" were revealed. The titles are said to be "A Breath of Fresh Air" and "Rebirth."