The Legend of Korra
"Legend of Korra" season 4. Tumblr/Bryan Konietzko

"The Legend of Korra" season four will be returning for its fourth and final season this fall Oct. 3 on The news was announced early this month only a few weeks after the season three finale which aired Aug. 22. Fans are eagerly waiting to find out what will happen and more importantly if the Avatar will recover from the damage done in "Book Three: Change."

If you don't recall in the season three finale we finally learn of Zaheer's plan which is end the Avatar line with Korra to bring true balance to the world. Zaheer, with the help of other Red Lotus members, administered a metal poison to Korra which did devastating damage to the Avatar. By the end of the episode Korra was still wheelchair bound and looked sickly. This led many fans to question whether or not Korra still had her powers.

That would make for an interesting plot twist to the show but we won't know if it's true until the season four premiere. Aside from that check out these top 9 exciting details that we know are coming in season four of "The Legend of Korra."

  1. Voice actor Daniel Dae Kim will return as Hiroshi Sato. If you don't remember, Sato is Asami's father who followed Amon as an Equalist. He revealed the news via an AMA on Reddit commenting on his role on ‘Korra’ saying that “he’ll be back.”
  2. Korra gets a makeover! Well kind of, Co-creator Bryan Konietzko posted to his Tumblr account showing off Korra with a new do! The Avatar will be sporting a shorter hair cut in season four of "The Legend of Korra."
  3. The final season season of "The Legend of Korra" will take place in the Fire Nation. The first season, or Book One, took place mostly in Republic City which can basically be the Air Nation though the Air Nation was basically only Tenzin and his family. Season two took place mostly in the Water Tribes and season three was the Earth Kingdom.
  4. We will officially meet Zuko's daughter, the Fire Lord. We may also see some familiar faces such as Mai (Zuko's girlfriend in "Avatar: The Last Airbender"), Ty Lee and even Azula.
  5. Toph is alive! In season three we learn she has two daughters Lin Beifong and a half sister named Suyin Beifong. We also learn that she left Zaofu to explore the world and hasn't returned to the city. Perhaps she will return for the fourth season of the hit-animated series.
  6. The Red Lotus is still out there! The terrorist organization didn't only consist of the bad guys from season three but had many different members who believed in its goal. Korra will most likely be dealing with the remaining members of this group in season four.
  7. Kuvira (voiced by Zelda Williams) the metal bending guard we met in Zaofu will have a bigger role to play in season four. At the end of season three she was given a very weird introduction which definitely led us to believe we would see more of her.
  8. Kuvira may be the bad guy in season four. In a leaked clip from Nickelodeon we see Kuvira standing guard over Earth Kingdom prisoners. She looks menacing and kind of evil. It is rumored she will be the big bad in Book Four: Balance or at least affiliated with them.
  9. Jinora will be featured more in season four! As a new air bending master Jinora will definitely have a more prominent role in season four of "The Legend of Korra."

Meanwhile the "Korra" co-creators and cast will be headed to New York Comic-Con for their final panel. "The Legend of Korra" is set to premiere on Oct 3. If the network follows trend the first episode will premiere at 12:00 p.m. ET.

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