Rita Moreno trump sandwich
Latin Times/Courtesy Rita Moreno

MIAMI - Rita Moreno is many things: an actress, a dancer, a writer, and one of the most globally recognized Latin artists. She is also the only person of Latin origin among the 19 EGOTs in the world, meaning she has won the four major performing arts awards in the United States: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.

As if that wasn't enough, Moreno is the only 92-year-old actress working actively in Hollywood. She's had romances with legends like Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley and has worked with the best of the best in film and theater.

What no one knew until now is that she's a cook. Well, she is and she has a fail-safe recipe, but not for filling the stomach. It's for making people laugh.

During her appearance on Monday's episode of "The View," Moreno left the audience in stitches and received cheers and applause from the hosts when she asked permission to do something special. "I have a wonderful joke I'd like to share with everyone," she said.

Rita Moreno's Trump Sandwich

Naturally, the hosts were delighted, and the actress went on to share a new recipe she had recently discovered.

"I saw a sign on the wall of a deli in Los Angeles, where I was visiting," explained Moreno. "It said: Trump Sandwich. And then goes on to describe it. Two slices of bread, bolo- wait a minute, two slices of white bread. Bologna, and a very small pickle."

The response was thunderous, with people cheering her on and even on the verge of tears from laughter. "Chef's kiss!" said Sunny Hostin. "An absolute legend, thank you for that," added Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Nicaraguan host Ana Navarro joked that such a sandwich "would probably sell for $399" (a quick jab at Trump's official sneakers, which do indeed sell for that price).

A Very Political Opinion

Moreover, Moreno, who is promoting her movie The Prank, made it clear that her stance was more than just a joke. "I'm not going to vote for someone who has 91 accusations against them for criminal activities," she said. "I mean, enough has been said. It's so stupid. Look at all that Biden has achieved."

Navarro agreed, despite remaining a Republican, saying, "I prefer 81 years (Biden's age) to 91 charges any day."

"You're absolutely right! Absolutely," replied Moreno. "It's dreadful! It's dreadful."

Rita Moreno Goes All Out

Trump wasn't the only one about whom the Puerto Rican artist spoke candidly. Her role in "The Prank" is that of a villain, and she revealed who inspired her:

"When I thought about how I was going to play this terrible person, I thought of all the women in my life — particularly in show business — who'd really been awful to me. All of these bitches," Moreno said after cohost Sunny Hostin asked the Oscar-winning West Side Story actress how she approached the part.

"I said to myself, I thought, I'm going to use all of the things that they did with me and my little Puerto Rican past, and that's what I do," Moreno continued. "Boy was that fun."

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