“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” bid goodbye to another character in the season 7 finale.

Nick Zano, who portrayed Nate Heywood in the series, will no longer be coming back as a regular for “Legends of Tomorrow” if a season 8 happens.

In the “Legends of Tomorrow” season 7 finale, Heywood charged into a haze of mustard gas to save the love of Gwyn's (Matt Ryan) life, Alun (Tom Forbes). However, he ended up losing all his steel powers for that.

And similar to others in the past who end up losing their powers Heywood decided it was time to step down from the superhero-gig. Instead, he will join Zari 1.0 (Tala Ashe) in the totem, a move that most have been speculating this season.

Zano joined the show in season 2 as a historian and then turned into a hero for his steel-based powers. He was a valuable addition to the cast and carved a niche for himself, not only on “Legends of Tomorrow” but also in Arrowverse crossovers.

While he may not return as a regular, Zano is expected to make cameo appearances similar to other former members of the cast. This has been happening on other CW shows so expect Nate Heywood to be at times either on the show.

However, this is only possible if “Legends of Tomorrow” will be returning for a season 8.

So far, nothing has been announced with the network yet to renew any of the scripted shows for the 2022-2023 TV season.

There is no question that there are still a lot of storylines hanging in the balance, something that could back a “Legends of Tomorrow” season 8 to happen.

But for now, it will be the waiting game. And if that is made official, the “Legends of Tomorrow” cast will have to carry on without one of the beloved character who made his mark for five season.

 Actor Nick Zano (L) and writer/executive producer Marc Guggenheim
Actor Nick Zano (L) and writer/executive producer Marc Guggenheim Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

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