Trump is ahead in most swing-states, according to recent polls Unsplash

Election-related literature gets published practically on a daily basis in the U.S., with polls, surveys and studies dominating the national conversation as the November elections get closer by the day.

However, an enormous percentage of respondents' opinions is not set to determine the outcome, as only six states are still considered to be up for grabs. A new Axios report shows that 6% of all voters live in those six states, but even a smaller percentage of that electorate will have a deciding role.

Out of the 244 million eligible voters, just 0.5% will be deciders. They are located in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And so far, Republicans seem to be ahead.

To back up its claim, the outlet made reference to a recent Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll, which showed that a polling bump Joe Biden's had enjoyed recently all but faded in the states due to current negative attitudes about the economy.

The poll found Biden is currently ahead in just one of the seven states most likely to determine the outcome of his matchup with Trump, leading in Michigan by 2 percentage points. Biden is slightly behind the former president in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with his deficit being larger in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

According to the poll, a majority of swing-state voters see worsening economic conditions in the coming months, with fewer than one in five saying they expect inflation and borrowing costs to be lower by the end of the year. Similarly, despite a resilient job market, only 23% of respondents said the employment rate would improve over the same time period.

According to Axios, Democrats are more worried than Republicans about the current state of the race, and the swing-state map is a big reason for this.

Both candidates are focusing large portions of their campaigns on this segment of the electorate, hammering on issues they consider can help them win hearts and minds.

Trump is focusing on immigration levels, crime and inflation, while Biden is focusing on his opponent posing a danger to democracy and defending abortion rights.

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