Liam Hemsworth is reportedly getting revenge on Miley Cyrus by dating Maddison Brown. A recent tabloid report claimed that while romance is brewing between Hemsworth and Brown, Hemsworth’s true motive for seeing her is to make Cyrus feel bad.

Hemsworth and Cyrus called it quits last month, just months after their wedding last year. Weeks after their split, Cyrus dated Kaitlynn Carter, with whom she was spotted sharing a poolside kiss by Lake Como in Italy.

Earlier this month, reports claimed that Cyrus broke up with Carter as “things have been moving too fast” between them. However, more recent reports are now linking her to Australian musician Cody Simpson.

According to a tabloid report that surfaced this week, Hemsworth hates how Cyrus has been jumping from one relationship to another since their recent split, so he wants to “burn” her by hooking up with Brown. Last week, Hemsworth and Brown made headlines when fans spotted them kissing while on a date night in New York City.

The tabloid claimed that Hemsworth is glad that his burgeoning relationship with Brown is actually affecting Cyrus. Cyrus has reportedly been a mess since she learned about Hemsworth’s “revenge romance” with Brown, who allegedly claimed two months prior that she wanted to sleep with Hemsworth.

A source allegedly told the tabloid that Hemsworth is getting some thrill out of knowing that it would burn Cyrus to see him with Brown. “Miley hurt Liam, plain and simple,” the suspicious source reportedly said. “So there’s a lot of resentment there,” the source added.

The source went on to claim that Cyrus never expected Hemsworth to move on so quickly from the collapse of their marriage. Since she learned about Hemsworth’s affair with Brown, she has reportedly been behaving like a jealous brat.

“To the outside world, she’ll act like she doesn’t care,” said the source. “But behind closed doors, she’s fuming and spiraling,” the source added.

While it is true that Hemsworth is dating Brown, it isn’t true that he’s only using her to exact revenge on Cyrus. In fact, recent reports claimed that the hunk actor is totally over his ex and is already in a really good place.

Gossip Cop also debunked the narrative and described it as “remotely accurate,” pointing out that more credible sources have already confirmed that Hemsworth is indeed very much interested in Brown. The publication also noted that Hemsworth has never spoken ill of Cyrus despite their split, so it’s hard to imagine him plotting something like that against his ex.

It can be recalled that when Hemsworth and Cyrus split, Hemsworth posted on Instagram to wish Cyrus nothing but the best. “I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward,” he wrote.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Miley and Liam arrive together at the premiere of his new film "Paranoia." Getty Images