A man from Libya who was reportedly well-known for his reliance on drugs and hallucination pills was gunned down on Friday, Dec. 17, following an exchange of gunfire with police who were out to arrest him on the said day.

The man was identified as Mohammed Muftah Saleh Abd Rabo who was wanted for killing 7 people. That count included two of his siblings, two uncles and three of his neighbors according to moi.gov.ly.

The mass killing reportedly took place in Tobruk in eastern Libya on Friday morning. According to authorities, Rabo was under the influence of drugs and pills when he killed the seven victims.

When police tried to take him in, Rabo reportedly opened fire and this sparked the gunfire at a farm where he was hiding. Also caught in the crossfire of Rabo’s actions was his mother. The woman died in shock because of the incident.

The identities of the six victims were revealed to be Abdel Rahim Zakri Mohamed Ehchishi, Imran Ibrahim La'it Ghaith, Magdy Mahmoud Afdel, Monjed Meftah and Muhammad Miloud Youssef Fadil La'it Al-Khayib.

This comes roughly weeks after a drug addict identified as Syju was singled out as the principal offender in the case filed over the car crash in Kerala on October 31.

Two models were killed in that incident while a third one who was sitting at the front seat, also succumbed several days after the crash. Only the driver of the vehicle managed to survive, NDTV reported.

Syju was reportedly present at the hotel where the models and the two friends were before the crash. The suspect allegedly had bad intentions in mind for the two models and followed their vehicle when they left the venue.

When the driver of the car, identified as Abdul Rehman noticed it, he began speeding that led to the crash. Also, evidence on what had happened in the hotel was reportedly destroyed for unexplained reasons.

Mohammed Muftah Saleh Abd Rabo
Mohammed Muftah Saleh Abd Rabo photo credit: moi.gov.ly

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