A local Tampa taco restaurant is in some hot water with outraged social media users over one of the items listed on the menu. Taco Fusion specializes in exotic meats to fill their $35 taco shells. Taco fillers include meats from the likes of: otter, shark, kangaroo and lion.

People were enjoying the exotic meats served at Taco Fusion until they noticed the owners added lion tacos to the menu. Now thanks to social media, the owners of Taco Fusion have pulled the lion tacos from their menu.

"We're getting all kinds of threats over it," Ryan Gougeon the owner of Taco Fusion told tbo.com. "Now we are getting bomb threats and everything else," Gougeon added.

One man outraged by the lion taco called Taco Fusion and threatened to grind the owner into meat and use him for a taco. "There are so many [threats] coming in we aren't counting," Gougeon said.

At first, Gougeon was going to keep serving lion meat as a point of pride and a way to stand up against those that would threaten the restaurant or its workers. But the physical attacks proved to be too much. Two hours before Gougeon did his interview with TBO his general manager was attacked by a guy off the street.

On the Taco Fusion website, Gougeon said the lion meat was sold out and the restaurant had the lion tacos pulled.

"Some of you were supportive, some of you were angry. We listened to everyone and decided to no longer carry lion," the statement read.

When Taco Fusion was defending their choice to sell lion tacos, they told those who had a problem with the lion meat "if you don't like it, don't eat it," ABC reports.

Gougeon said all of his meat, including lion, came from local farms where the animals are raised specifically for human consumption. Those who spoke against consuming lion meat feel that an animal that is practically endangered should not be raised for people to eat.

According to allaboutwildlife.com lions are not on the endangered species list, but their numbers are dwindling down.