Super Bowl LVIII
The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will face off for the Vince Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, the first time the Nevada city has hosted the big game. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

ALABAMA - Combining one of the most famous faces in the entire world with one of the most viewed events of the year sounds like a bulletproof marketing idea, right? That's what Michelob Ultra is doing this year as Lionel Messi will advertise their product during the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII.

Messi's popularity is second to none so it made sense for the brand to make him the face of an ad that will be seen by millions of people on February 11 when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. Last year, a reported 200 million people tunned in to watch the Chiefs win another Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Messi shares the ad with Jason Sudeikis, tangentially associated to soccer due to his portrayal of Ted Lasso, the hit Apple TV show in which he plays an affable American soccer coach, and Miami football legend Dan Marino.

According to a study conducted by USA TODAY Sports, the price for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl has a cost of around $7 million. In order to make the most out of the 30 seconds, companies have come up with great and funny commercials that make them stand out during the four-hour broadcasts.

Networks also make a substantial amount of money for the privilege of airing an ad during their broadcasts, with the same report showing that networks make an estimated $434.5 million from in-game ad revenue.

It is also good for the protagonists involved in the ad, as Messi's face will be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the globe (and that without taking into account his pay). Ultimately, it is also a win for fans, as they might feel more invested into the event if one of their favorite athletes makes an appearance at some point of the long broadcast.

It is important to get the commercial right, as each second costs a fortune. Super Bowl ads have garnered a great reputation over the years. Organizations and companies have tried to go a little further when trying to deliver their messages -if any- during a $7 million commercial.

For example last year, the NFL aired an ad titled "Run with it," starring Mexican flag football player Diana Flores. With the aim of raising awareness of inclusivity within football, Flores was seen evading an endless number of characters that tried to take her flag, symbolizing her right to play football.

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