'Listen Linda, Honey': Watch 3-Year-Old Latino Make Hilarious Case For Cupcake Dinner From Mom With [VIDEO]

A well-defined Latino
Latinos are outspoken, and fight for their rights. Mateo, a 3-year-old adorable kid, calls her mom "Linda" as he fights for a cupcake dinner. Youtube

I think we may have found the first Latino President. And he is adorable. Seriously, watch this video and try NOT giving this kid a cupcake. He has more debate skills than all the Republicans in congress. This three-year-old REALLY wants a cupcake. Nay, he DESERVES a cupcake. "Listen, listen, listen," he says, calling the court to order. The judge and jury? His mom, who he refers to as Linda, is the one with the keys to the cupcake. 

Linda won't budge though. Her little tike has to use all the powers of persuasion he has. Which, for a three-year-old is pretty impressive. And while we may not be able to understand quite everything he's saying, we are sure he is presenting some pretty compelling arguments. I mean, yes, he did try to convince his grandma to give him a cupcake behind his mom's back. But seriously, cupcakes when your three years old are a pretty important situation.

We will be interviewing Linda about her experiences with Mateo, the little cupcake kid who has plenty of fire and some pretty strong arguments. Look out for more updates on this hilarious video and the cute little kid at the center of it. But until then, watch the video and be prepared to laugh. Do you think being Latino makes him extra feisty? Do you have any hilarious stories about your kid? Let us know in the comments section below!



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