Laura Pausini, Thalía
You can't miss Laura Pausini and Thalía's new song! Warner Music Italy

Usually, when it’s someone’s birthday, it’s customary to give them a present to celebrate their life. But today, Thalía has done it backwards. As the Mexican pop diva turns 43, and she has given us a brand new song. To make it even more special, it’s a duet with Laura Pausini. The two performers got together to gift us this new single titled “Sino A Ti,” which blends their voices in perfect harmony, hypnotizing anyone who listens to it.

The song starts with Pausini, whose distinct voice makes for a great opening, following with Thalía’s sweet voice. As the song reaches the chorus, the two singers are heard together, harmonizing and delivering an amazing ballad, about having everything but not needing anything but that special person. It is truly a heartwarming tune, with key moments where each performer can stand out vocally without overshadowing the other one. Of course, when you put together Laura Pausini and Thalía you couldn’t expect less. Two great names of Latin American music (although Laura is Italian, most of her songs have been translated to Spanish and we consider her one of our own!) in one epic song.

And in case you had been wondering, there’s also a music video coming soon. Both Thalía and Laura got together about two weeks ago to shoot it. They even took some time from the shooting to record a lovely Instagram video to let their fans know what they were doing. The two seemed very friendly with each other, and the chemistry between them was very palpable. No wonder why the song turned out this great! Here’s the little Instagram treat, and after you watch it, don’t forget to scroll down to listen to the song. You won’t be disappointed!

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