The day is here, the "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" finale and final episode! The story that captivated everyone since the beginning comes to a close with Montserrat and Alejandro's love at stake. Starring Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzmán, the Univision primetime soap has had its up's and down's with its turbulant and whacky plot. One thing is for sure, we have loved it as the chemistry between the main couple has been a strong draw. Up ahead we have major spoilers of this last episode. Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! On the final two episodes (Episode 196 & Episode 197) we have Victor (Alejandro Avila) telling everyone that it was Graciela (Daniela Castro) the one that helped Pedro Medina (Sergio Sendel). Dimitrio (Osvaldo Benavides) goes after his mother and tells Josefina (Veronica Jaspeado) to call her and lie about Victor's condition. Josefina calls Graciela and tells her he has died. Graciela fakes being sad about the situation, but inside is screaming of excitement as she was the one that shot him and faked her disease. 

Dimitrio pushes Graciela out of her wheelchair and demands she gets up. Graciela continues to fake that she can't walk but Dimitrio and Montserrat scream at her, for selling out her children. Montserrat begs her mother to feel sorry for her grandchildren as Pedro Medina will not touch his heart to harm them. José Luis finds the doctor that Graciela bribed to make her kids believe she had terminal cancer. The doctor will lose his license and not practice any more. Victor asks José Luis for an apology for incriminating him. Dimitrio tells Graciela that she will arrest her and interrogate her for being an accomplice of kidnapping of children. As they are rolling her away, Graciela tells them to stop and stands up from the wheelchair. Graciela tells Montserrat that she hopes one day she can forgive her, but Montse says she could never ever, ever in her life. Ugh! Graciela tells Dimitrio that she knows where Pedro Medina is hiding.

Graciela and Dimitrio gets off of the car and she tells him that you can see Pedro Medina's house from afar. Graciela gets on top of a wall and tells Dimitrio that in her will she leaves everything to him. "My only truth is that I love you with all my soul," she tells her son before throwing herself off the cliff. Alejandro and Montserrat find out what happened to Graciela and are completely shocked. Montserrat cries as she believes her mother is dead, but Alejandro reminds her that they are not sure if she really died. Josefina dreams with Adolfito and he tells her to forget about him. José Luis finds out who the mole is and tries to find out where Pedro Medina is hiding. Two months have passed and they have not heard from Pedro Medina. The latter finally agrees to meet Alejandro and José Luis to deliver their respective children. Pedro Medina kills the mole and has Alejandro and José Luis get in his truck. Meanwhile, Dimitrio arrives at the house where Pedro Medina was it and Amalia and Victoria remain. Victor finally reunites with his daughter Victoria.

Pedro Medina shoots José Luis' way, but Alejandro gets in the way and takes the bullet. Pedro Medina has both kids in a box that will detonate, José Luis can only save one. José Luis runs after the cages where the kids are at and is able to stop the bomb that's in Romina's cage. He then goes onto the one where Laurito is at, but has trouble stopping the counter. He takes the whole bomb away and throws it, but the explosion is so intense that he is caught in the fire. Police get to the scene where Pedro Medina is at and arrest him, he cannot get away. Police inform that only one of the men left for dead is alive. Nadia forgives Dimitrio for killing her brother. We find out Graciela ends up homeless and on the streets. Montserrat, Laurito and Romina walk by her and give her some coins, but don't even look at her. In jail, Pedro Medina is sodomized. Montserrat walks into church with a very provocative outfit and we finall find out that it's José Luis that one that died. José Luis reunites with Refugio and Angelica at the heaven beach. Alejandro walks into the scene and hold Montserrat's hand, they both walk out and the words FIN appear.