Amazon may be keeping a tight lid on the details about “The Lord Of The Rings” TV series, but the pivotal details dropped so far hint that it might just be the next big thing on TV. Over the past few weeks, “The Lord Of The Rings On Prime” Twitter account has been teasing more about the show, suggesting that the TV adaptation of the cinematic royalty could be the next “Game Of Thrones.”

After teasing fans with a series of Middle Earth maps over the last few weeks, Amazon revealed that the series would be set in the Second Age of Middle Earth or the Numenor. That means fans might not witness the Fall of Gondolin or the elven genocide but will see a gargantuan amount of riches, Morgoth’s final defeat, the Battle of the Last Alliance and a lot more.

If the prologue of “The Lord Of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring” is anything to go by, then the upcoming series might also cover the Noldorin elves’ quest to secure a kingdom under Gil-galad, the founding of Grey Havens, Elrond settling in Rivendell and the gathering of the dwarves in the kingdom of Moira.

Spanning more than 3,000 years, the Second Age is a time that fans of the franchise are familiar with. All the events outlined in “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy took place toward the end of this era, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Amazon released maps going farther back than most fans assumed.

During this period, Galadriel and Celeborn officially relocated to Lothlorien, and Sauron, the lieutenant of Morgoth, rose to power. If the series features this major player in the Second Age, then fans can also expect a lot of screwing around with men and elves, as well as heaps of action as Sauron secures his own kingdom in Mordor and builds his tower of Barad-dur for the first time. It was also around this period that he created the “One Ring to Rule Them All” in the fires of Mount Doom.

The hoodwinking of Celebrimbor and the creation of the series technically took place in the Second Age. But these events were too close to what transpired in Peter Jackson’s films, so it is hard to tell if the TV series will cover these events. But while Amazon has yet to confirm the stories that it will tell, one thing is for sure: “The Lord Of The Rings” TV series is going to be riveting with all its fantastical twists, even if the network restricts the events to Numenor alone. 

As the premiere fantasy series “Game Of Thrones” comes to an end this 2019, “The Lord Of The Rings” is all geared up to steal the limelight as the world’s next cultural phenomenon.

The Lord of the Rings Cast and Crew Winner for Best Director in a Motion Picture and Best Motion Picture for Drama, the cast of 'The Lord of the Rings' pose backstage at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards. Kevin Winter/Getty Images