HBO has dropped the highly anticipated trailer for “Game Of Thrones” Season 8, showing off fresh faces, unexpected comebacks and a whole lot of doom. This new trailer is the best look yet at the HBO fantasy epic’s swan song, where all the events from the past seven seasons are set to collide. Here are the 8 key revelations about Season 8 we see from the new trailer.

1. A bloody Arya meets a version of death she did not expect

In the opening scene, we hear the voice of Arya confidently talking about how she has dealt with the art of death for many years. Her words, however, are in stark contrast to the image unfolding on screen — a petrified Arya with a big blood splash on her face, one eye seemingly missing.

2. Varys is out of his element as the army of the undead closes in

In the series, the gutsy Varys came all the way from Lys to Westeros for power. In the trailer, however, we see him losing his element as he hides with a cluster of non-combatants in a tunnel. Apparently, the White Walkers are arriving. Could this be the realization of red priestess Melisandre’s prophecy in Season 7 that Vary’s death was imminent? We have yet to find out.

3. Cersei was right, Euron Greyjoy went on a secret mission — for her

As the trailer shifts to the open seas, we see Greyjoy ferrying the mercenaries of the Golden Company from Essos. His goal? It’s to boost Cersei’s forces so she can be in prime position to triumph over Westeros.

4. Tormund, Dolorus and Beric Dondarrion are all alive

In the Season 7 finale, we thought these three men were doomed. The last time we saw them, they were standing on a crumbling Wall as the Night King and Viserion unleashed a massive, shattering blue fire. Now it’s clear that they made it out alive. How they managed to escape remains to be seen, but for now that’s all we need to know — THE BROTHERS ARE ALIVE!

5. Cersei is up to her dirty moves again

In the trailer, we see there’s so much going on in the North. Unfazed by all these battles, Cersei drinks wine in King’s Landing, safely ensconced in the Red Keep down south. Thirty seconds into the trailer, she starts marching toward Winterfell with her army. What is she up to? Given her track record, she’s more likely to strike against her human enemies than support the war against the dead.

6. Jaime joins the battle for the living

While the Lion Queen waits for the Golden Company to back her up, the other Lannister is going all out in his battle for the living. We see the Kingslayer more determined than ever, declaring his loyalty and battling his way into the thick, blazing war zone.

7. Drogon and Rhaegal return to their territory beyond the wall

The high-flying, fire-breathing pair goes on a hunting excursion. Flying over Winterfell, the dragons are welcomed by Jon and Daenerys, who scope out their findings following their mission. It’s possible that Jon and Dany are approaching them with a purpose — to cross over into the land of the living and infiltrate the kingdom of the dead.

8. To say that the final battle is epic would be an understatement

And then we see Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne waiting for the Night King in front of an army; a horrified Jorah Mormont, like we’ve never seen him before; The Hound, staring at an unseen enemy while standing in front of his greatest fear — fire; Grey Worm and Missandei sharing a passionate kiss right before the battle, proving that heroes don’t just fight for themselves but for the very ideals of love, life and warmth.