HBO has just dropped a new set of posters for the eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones,” showing each of the major players on the Iron Throne and hinting at the foreboding fate of Jon Snow.

Fans of the series have long followed Snow’s journey. He has been there since the beginning, gaining political power every step of the way despite his illegitimate birthright. Although he is a fan favorite and is one of the most likely to rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros by the end of the series, no character is safe in the final season. And the way Snow appears in his own poster suggests that even his death is not an impossibility. He has already died once — he could die again.

In his character poster, Snow places his right hand over his left, holding the hilt of his downward-pointing sword. His position is reminiscent of Ned Stark’s position in the promotional poster for Season 1. In both posters, Snow and Stark are hunched forward with both hands on their melting weapons.

What Might This Mean For Jon Snow?

It can be recalled that in Season 1, everyone assumed that Stark was the main character of the series, all until he was beheaded — a twist that nobody saw coming. Since then, Stark’s death has set the path for the show. After multiple seasons, “Game Of Thrones” is now widely known for its highly unpredictable plot and high character death count.

Considering the show’s twists and turns, it’s not impossible for the King in the North to suffer the same fate as Stark. As of now, it is difficult to tell whether Snow’s poster is hinting at something tragic or simply red herring. But if it is a foreshadowing of Snow’s fate, the way it mirrors Stark’s position in Season 1 is as uncanny and as ominous as it gets.

“Game Of Thrones” Season 8 will feature 8 episodes and is set to premiere on April 14 on HBO.