Street Vendors in Los Angeles
Street Vendors in Los Angeles, Calif.

The paperwork associated with legal street vending can be overwhelming, but the Los Angeles Public Library is removing the confusion about how to be a legal street vendor.

The Los Angeles Public Library is tackling a new project called "Be a Succesful Street Vendor," with grants from the American Library Association and Google. The project includes instructional videos on permits, cellphone education pathways, resources and links, and appointments for small business help.

Their information talks about anything from an introduction to sidewalk vending to information on how to get a one-on-one small business help appointment. Their webpage also has an option to make all this information available in Spanish, which could be of benefit to Hispanic street vendors. According to research from the Institute for Justice and the University of Colorado, Hispanics have the most street vendors compared to their share of the population in a city.

For people who aren't tech-savvy, the appointments for small businesses help have Business Source Centers throughout the Los Angeles area for street vendors to find in-person help.

Essentially, this website is a cheat sheet on how to do everything associated with street vending. According to Axios, although street vending is legal in Los Angeles, getting the correct permits to be a legal street vendor can still be arduous. Axios detailes the fines many street vendors might receive.

The additional resources and links section includes a guide to get things such as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number –undocumented people can often get these– which allows street vendors to pay taxes. This section also has guidance on what permits people need for specific sales, mental health resources, rules and regulations, immigration resources and how to report crime or harassment.

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