A 48-year-old lottery lawyer from Long Island was reportedly convicted for scamming big-time lotto winners he was supposed to represent out of more than $100 million.

The accused was identified as Jason Kurland. The 48-year-old allegedly conned his clients into investing onto a shady business venture but ended up funneling the funds onto himself instead.

Kurland stood trial before a Brooklyn federal court and the jury found him guilty on all counts of wire fraud and money laundering, the NY Daily news reported.

It was added that the 48-year-old used his position as a lawyer to steer his clients in investing millions of dollars to companies that Kurland reportedly secretly owned. He also took illegal kickbacks based on his clients’ investments without their knowledge according to US Attorney Damian Williams.

It was also added that Kurland had worked with Frankie Russo, the son of Joseph “Jojo” Russo who was part of the Colombo crime family capo who died in 2007 in federal prison.

He also allegedly worked with Christopher Chierchio, a Genovese family soldier as well as former securities broker, Frank Smookler.

All three pleaded guilty but Kurland maintained his innocence. Kurland argued at trial that he was deceived by other defendants in the government's case about the investments, Reuters reported.

“Ultimately, the defendant and his co-conspirators lined their own pockets while his clients suffered massive losses from their crimes,” Williams said.

Kurland built a law practice focused on representing lottery winners. Prosecutors said Kurland's clients have won an estimated $3 billion combined.

According to Law.com, the defense had argued that Kurland’s business partners set him up as the fall guy.

Kurland “was not in a conspiracy with these guys,” said lawyer Telemachus Kasulis in closing statements. “They were in a conspiracy against him.”

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