Leaked photographs of what is said to be the new, low-cost iPhone 5S, excited many potential customers anxiously awaiting Apple's newest release later in 2013 as they reportedly popped up on a Chinese website on Monday. In the images, the alleged iPhone 5S appears to have a transparent back panel against the iPhone's black case color. It is pictured with a white USB cord attached to its port.

However, as Apple Insider pointed out, in none of the leaked images was a clear identifier of the phone being an Apple product apparent. More speculation about the photos lead the Business Insider to reportedly retro-edit one of the pictures in PhotoShop. The closer examination led the outlet to suggest that the supposed iPhone 5S that was pictured was instead an "iPhone 5 with a case".

The iPhone 5S, whatever it officially will look like, will be marketed to "emerging markets" worldwide as a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5 and reported upcoming 'iPhone 6'. The iPhone 5S will reportedly be very similar to the established iPhone 5, which may lead to further speculation about any further photo 'leaks' of the Apple product.

See the leaked photos of what is supposedly the iPhone 5S below, courtesy Weibo: