Argentinians are currently at a loss for words over the death of one of their own. What is being called one of the most horrific sexual crimes in history, many people are watching their backs.

According to FOX News Latino, 16-year-old Lucia Perez was abducted outside her school by a gang who proceeded to drug her, rape her repeatedly and sodomized her was an "unspecified object."

The site reports that Perez died the next day at a rehab clinic after complications from bleeding out from internal injuries. Her attackers left her in front of the clinic after washing her off and putting her clothes back on.

Two suspects are currently in custody for the murder and a third one is being held for allegedly attempting to cover up the crime. Police have arrested Matias Gabriel Farias, 23, and Juan Pablo Offidani, 41, after locating the van used to drop her body at the the clinic.

According to prosecutor Maria Isabel Sanchez, Perez's ordeal was inhumane. "She had been subjected to brutal, inhuman sexual abuse," El Pais reports. "The girl was impaled and this was the cause of her death."

Since the news of the murder spread, countless protests have occurred with many people calling for justice.

In an unprecedented move, a group of 50 organizations are calling for a one-hour sit -in nationwide on today from 1 to 2p.m.

During that time, women are being urged to wear black and stop all activities to express their concern for the alarming rate of female murders that take place in Argentina.

The site reports that after the one-hour sit-in, a rally in Buenos Aires is expected to bring the massive outcry to the Justice Ministry offices, Florencia Abbate tells La Nacion.

“[The protest] intends to be a call to reflection for the entire population, so that each person evaluates his own practices and understands the need for a cultural change," she said.

According to RAINN, every two and a half minutes someone is sexually assaulted, globally that number lessens.