Posting a lovely picture holding hands on Instagram, singer Luis Fonsi spread the news of his newborn baby Rocco.

Luis and his wife Agueda López were expecting the baby to be born at the beginning of this week, but Rocco wanted to wait a little longer. Fonsi’s first boy wanted to wait for his sister Mikaela’s birthday, and he made it.

“Definitely, December 20 will be the most important day of my life… Our son Rocco chose that very same day to congratulate his sister Mikaela on her birthday. He was born very healthy and ready to teach me how to give the best of me,” the singer stated on his post.

The day before, Luis posted a picture with his beautiful daughter Mikaela celebrating her 5th birthday with the caption: “It’s been 5 years… everything changed because of you… I love you my princess,” ending with the hashtag: #HappyBirthdayMika.

Agueda also shared a beautiful picture with Mikaela celebrating the life of who she calls "her blessing, her soulmate, her everything," on the recent post. López hasn’t posted anything about Rocco yet. We hope to see his face pretty soon.

The “Nada es para siempre” singer is in Puerto Rico recording the video of his new first single, Despacito, accompanied by his compatriot Daddy Yankee.

Congratulations to the couple!