Alejandro Fernández  recently presented his new album "Rompiendo Fronteras" to the press. According to People en Español, a reporter from the TV Show "El Gordo y la Flaca" broadcasted by Univision, asked El Potrillo about the lawsuit he filed against singer Luis Miguel. Fernández immediately commented, "I cannot talk about this issue."

The question makes reference to the alleged US$6 million Luis Miguel owes El Potrillo for breach of contract and never returning the money he had been given in advance to go on tour together.

Another commented controversy was the picture posted on Instagram by Fernández, which has gone viral as users believe that the photo that shows a sunset and Alejandro's shadow holding the sun with the caption: "I love having the sun in my hands" is a message to Luismi, as he's known as "El Sol de Mexico" or "The Sun of Mexico."

When a reporter asked about the photo, the singer said it had nothing to do with Luis Miguel. "It wasn't intentional, I swear to you," he said.

After one controversy comes the other one. According to the magazine, Fernandez also talked about his shirtless photos while having a good time in a Las Vegas club. "Whenever a tabloid comes out I don’t like to follow the game to any magazine or TV show, but I do take advantage of my social networking platforms to give the announcements." he said. "So if anyone has any doubt of any gossip or anything, they get into my social networks and there they will know everything."

Fernández was referring to the statement he released on his Facebook account addressing the photos he took at a friend's bachelor party. "I take a great learning from this situation and I hope that what is happening to me helps you reflect. Take good care of yourself and have fun in a responsible way. If you go to party do not drive, do not foment violence and try not to ventilate your or others intimacy in networks. Today we are all public figures!" reads a fragment of the post.