Maite Perroni has confirmed her return to telenovelas with a new remake of "La Gata." The 30-year-old singer and actress will star opposite Daniel Arenas, who is coming off the successful soap "Corazón Indomable." "I will work with the producer Nathelie Lartilleux one more time and I will be paired up with Daniel Arenas. I return to television next year in this project that has me really hopeful," Perroni told Televisa Espectáculos in an interview. Maite's first foray in starring roles was in a production by the same producer in the soap titled "Cuidado Con El Angel," in which she co-starred with William Levy.

After participating in Televisa's primetime telenovela "Triunfo del Amor," Maite took some time to focus on her music career. The former RBD group member released her solo debut album titled "Eclipse de Luna." The musical work included her hit bachata single "Tu y Yo" and was produced in New York City by acclaimed producer Koko Stambuk. Perroni will combine her new telenovela with her music career, "I will have the opportunity to sing the telenovela theme song and I will also sing the love song between the main couple," she said. "It is ideal as I will be able to combine music with acting. I hope that we have time to do concerts on weekends and Monday through Friday on set taping."

"La Gata" follows a young and humble woman that has no recollection of where she came from or what her real name is and suffers from the exploits of an older woman, that knows exactly who she is. The telenovela was first produced in Mexico in 1970 with Maria Rivas and Juan Ferrara in the leading roles. In 1983 Televisa does a remake of the same story with Victoria Ruffo and Guillermo Capetillo as the main couple. Ten years later Venezuela does its own version titled "Cara Sucia" with Sonya Smith and Guillermo Davila while Televisa remakes it under "Sueño de Amor" with Angélica Rivera and Omar Fierro. The last version of this melodrama was produced in 2000 as "Por Un Beso" with Natalia Esperón and Victor Noriega as the lead couple.