Malaysia Airlines
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Flight Lieutenant Russell Adams speaks to members of the media in front of an AP-3C Orion plane at the RAAF Pearce Base in Perth March 23, 2014 after returning from the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. New French satellite images show possible debris from the missing Malaysian airliner deep in the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysia said on Sunday, adding to growing signs that the plane may have gone down in remote seas off Australia. Malaysia Airlines

Now a French satellite has images that show objects that could be related to the search of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that has been missing since March 8. Those images are near the southern corridor, close to the Indian Ocean.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said "It's still too early to be definite, but obviously, we have now had a number of very credible leads and there is increasing hope, no more than hope, no more than hope, that we might be on the road to discovering what did happen to this ill-fated aircraft.”

Terrorism is technically completely ruled out but still investigators are leaning toward the disappearance of the aircraft as a deliberate act. "That's pretty much what everyone thinks," said senior U.S official.

But the focus still remains on what happened inside the cockpit due to the aircraft is believed to have been flying more that seven hours after vanishing from the radar. The official also said “Finding out what happened to the jet and how it vanished seemingly into thin air must be determined by the U.S. in order to ensure it isn't repeated or becomes a national security vulnerability, the official added.”

The families and loved ones of the crew members and passengers want a concrete answer and are starting to lose hope. There have been many leads and authorities keep giving these family members hope. Let's just hope they find this aircraft soon. It is such a tragedy and mystery.

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