Maluma and Camila Fernández sparked romance rumors after posting a video in which the couple is featured performing a duet version of the Colombian singer’s hit single “Borro Cassette” at Vicente Fernández’s farewell concert party.

“@maluma it was my pleasure to meet you #likethesongsays #chentesiguesiendoelrey and I am your fan,” Camila wrote on Instagram.

As soon as the clip was shared on the popular social media platform, thousands of fans began wondering if the urban star was dating Alejandro Fernández’s daughter.

“Jealous? It’s Alejandro Fernandez daughter…She’s a singer now!” said user ms_7112

Although most of the comments focused on how envious they were of Camila’s special moment next to their idol, the instant chemistry between the performers caught the attention of media outlets all over Latin America.

“Is Maluma trying to win Alejandro Fernández’s oldest daughter’s heart?” questioned Televisa Espectaculos.

On Saturday, the 18-year-old performer addressed the chisme during an interview with People En Español.

“That was just that he was there [at ‘Chente’s’ concert] and I met him,” the rising star told the publication. “I think it’s very funny that just because I posted a video, they are saying, ‘he stole her heart.’ We said like three words to each other!”

She continued, “Maluma’s fans are ready to grab me by the hair! I think it’s hilarious, honestly. I know what the truth is and if they ask me if we are in a relationship, I just deny it.”

The 22-year-old reggeatonero seems to have a thing for Mexican women. He has also been romantically linked to Belinda and recently released a hot and steamy video next to the ultimate “María,” Thalía.

“He is a very talented co-worker, we get along great but we only see each other in work related scenarios,” Belinda told Mexican magazine Quién of her relationship with Maluma. “[The rumor] is not true, I don’t have a boyfriend and he [Maluma] is not my boyfriend. He is a friend, and nothing else.”