Maluma is one of the hottest acts in music right now. Yes, he's a hottie as well. The Colombian artist continues to grow in popularity and is set to be one of the coaches for the Mexican version of "La Voz Kids." The "Borro Cassette" hitmaker is already an expert as he was one of the judges on the Colombian version of the talent show. Malta is also featured in Thalia’s new single “Desde Esa Noche.” The catchy song pairs the singers and both create magic as we can see in the recently release music video clip.

Maluma was recently victim of a death hoax. A fake site reported that he had died after a car accident. Thankfully the singer also known as “Pretty Boy” posted a video on his Instagram account that cleared all the rumors and peace was restored once again. In the clip he reveals that it’s about the fifth time that they kill him in a month.

Maluma also made history by becoming the first male artist to surpass 10 million followers on the social photo sharing network. That is not an easy feat and it’s thanks to his constant communication with fans that makes him one of the feeds to follow. He is constant sharing insights into his life. From what we can see, he loves to spend time with his family and showing all of his fans how grateful he is to have them. Looking through his feed we found ourselves enthralled by so much sexiness. How can one man exude so much of it? That is why we created this list of the 28 times Maluma was just too cute to handle.

1. The time he just looked Sexy AF looking at his phone. 

2. The time he showed us how he traveled.

3. The time he looked like he was heading to the gym and took a selfie on the elevator.

4. The time he hung out with Justin Bieber.

5. The time he was so adorable with his grandfather.

6. The time he made us so relieved that he had not died.

7. The time he was worried we wouldn't see his posts anymore with Instagram's new algorithm.

8. The time he spent time with his father.

9. The time he took a selfi on his bed and we wished we were there with him.

10. The time he wore a tank top.

11. The time he was walking around Vegas.

12. The time he was too cute all bundled up in Denver.

13. The time he was hanging out with family.

14. The time he sent a shoutout to all the "mamacitas."

15. The time he thought he was Deadpool.

16. The other time he thought he was Deadpool.

17. The time he was taking a shower and we wished he needed help scrubbing his back.

18. The time he was shirtless.

19. The time he kissed Thalia.

20. The time he sang "Y Como Es El."

21. The time we wished we were a giant bear.

22. The time he was shirtless at the beach.

23. The time he showed us his abs.

24. The time he played the guitar.

25. The time he was all hot and sweaty.

26. The other time he teased us.

27. The time he was working out.

28. The time we dreamt we woke up to this...