During Billboard magazine Latin conference, Maluma confessed his interest in singing in English and talked about how hard he’s preparing himself for this next project.

The 23 year- old Colombian singer confessed how much it means for him to enter the American market and stated it has nothing to do with getting away from Spanish but simply reaching a personal goal which he aims to exceed this year.

"I want to make music in English. It's a personal wish I want to accomplish. I know I will enjoy it a lot. I have been preparing for months," confessed the artist after been asked how’s he getting ready for the crossover.

The “El Perdedor" singer explained that he has spent a lot of time listening to music in English, while traveling with a teacher with whom he works on expanding his vocabulary and improving his pronunciation, as he stated for Billboard

"However, that does not mean that I'm going to distance myself from my Latin people that I'm in love with," he said. "It can be in Spanglish! Americans love to sing in Spanish. Look at 'Despacito' song success," he said.

He dedicated an hour of his exposure, in front of members of the press, artists, record and music companies editors, to also reveal his own crew techniques that have made him turned out to be one of the Spanish artists with more followers in social networks.

During his presentation, he explained that he pays much attention to his networks and takes great care of what he posts because he respects his followers a lot. He pointed out how much he tries to show authenticity, discipline and gratitude on every photo or video.

Maluma has just released his new video for "Felices Los 4" which since its premiere has been really successful, achieving nine million views on YouTube on the first day. We look forward to his music in English but in the meantime enjoy his new gorgeous music video.