The singer of vallenato music and businessman, Martín Elías Díaz Acosta, son of the singer and composer Diomedes Díaz, died in a car accident at 7:30 am on Friday, April 14, 2017, on the road that leads Tolú to San Onofre, Sucre, in the sector of Aguas Negras.

According to reports from the local press in Colombia, the interpreter of the popular theme "Mi Ex", also known as "El Terremoto" and "El Gran Martín Elías," was traveling on his truck after having performed the night of April 13 of 2017, in Coveñas, when he was going to Cartagena.

The 26-year-old singer had become one of the most popular young figures in Colombian folk music, being part of the new generation of artists called "La Nueva Ola." The son of the late "Cacique de La Junta," leaves iconic songs such as "La Gota" and "El Terremoto," as well as other great hits.

After his terrible death, artists like J Balvin and Maluma, have shown in their social networks messages of condolences.

After his death, Martin Elías leaves behind two children, Martín Elías Jr. Díaz and Paula Elena Díaz Jaimes, both products of two different marriages. The singer had posted a day earlier in his Intagram account a photo with both of his children.