In a California courtroom on Tuesday, a woman testified against her 25-year-old son, who has been accused of murdering his former girlfriend.

In July, Mexican authorities arrested Victor Sosa in connection with the killing of 19-year-old Daisy Delao, who died on Feb. 23. Her body was found behind a Compton apartment complex.

While Sosa has been accused of the fatal stabbing, he has pleaded not guilty, reported Fox News. In Rosarito, a coastal resort town, cops arrested him after getting help from the public, many of who used TikTok to find him. He was reportedly using a different name to work at a bar.

Susana Salas, mother of the victim, said on Tuesday, "I hope he rots in jail and never hurts nobody else." She hopes he remembers her daughter's face every moment of his life. Salas cried in the Los Angeles court on Tuesday while listening to testimony about her child's final hours, according to ABC7.

Claudia Gutierrez, mother of the accused, also shed tears. Deputy District Attorney Leslie Hinshaw asked her about the last time she saw Sosa and what she asked him. Gutierrez replied, "If he had done it. If he'd committed the crime." She said that her son just bowed his head down, so she told him to "do the right thing" and "turn himself in."

A 13-year-old boy was also on the stand. He said that he saw Sosa and the victim together on the night of her murder. The teen said that while Delao was on the ground motionless, Sosa was walking around her.

The victim's grandfather, Juan, also testified that he saw the accused peeking through their apartment window minutes before she left to meet Sosa.

A.J. Bayne, defense attorney of the accused, tried to poke holes in identification of his client, asking if the person they saw was wearing a hoodie or a mask.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) homicide detective Leo Sanchez described the victim's body at the crime scene, face-down and covered up with a rug. Next to her body, a blood stained kitchen knife was found on the ground. Sanchez said, "There was a substantial amount of blood on her face and there was a large laceration (probably four to six inches) in her neck below the chin."

For Salas, there was some satisfaction in knowing the accused will go to trial, but she knew that nothing would bring back her daughter, whom she described as loving and creative. She said that Sosa took a part of her soul and can never get it back until she reunites with her again. She smiles and goes through the motions of life, but she always has that empty space in her, and she feels that she can never get it back.

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