In a shocking incident, a 35-year-old man allegedly murdered his 65-year-old neighbor using an axe and then walked through the streets of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad near Delhi, with his severed head.

The acussed has been identified as Madhav Gond, who is a resident of Chhura village. According to Times Now News, he used to often fight with the victim, identified as Karan Singh. Gond even suspected that Singh was into black magic.

Police said, "He alleged that Singh would unleash cattle into his farm purposely to ruin the crop." Gond reportedly said that Singh would let in pigs at his farm. Since some people consider the animals can't be touched, Gond was forced to clean up the area. This led to an argument between the two men, police said.

It was on Monday evening that Gond got furious after a similar incident happened. He got so angry that he allegedly attacked Singh with an axe and killed him. Later, he roamed around the streets with the severed head. Gond was arrested for murder under Indian penal Code (IPC) Section 302. The victim's body was retrieved.

In a separate incident, a couple was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly murdering a 72-year-old woman, cutting her body and throwing it into a canal in Najafgarh area, reported Yahoo! News.

The accused were the victim's neighbors. They had reportedly taken a loan of Rs. 1 lakh ($.1 million) from the elderly woman. She had been asking them to return her money.

The couple has been identified as Anil Arya and Tannu Arya, and the victim as Kavita Grover. Police found the body from the canal.

After their arrest, the couple confessed to the crime. A police officer said, "They would visit her frequently, and during a conversation when Kavita's family was away, she asked them to repay the money."

The couple allegedly told the elderly woman that the money was a reward as they had been taking care of her mentally challenged brother. Soon, the three started arguing over it. The couple allegedly strangled Kavita with a water pipe. Then Anil allegedly cut her body into three pieces, put them in three bags and then dumped them off in the canal.

Axe stumped on a cut tree
A 15-year-old boy allegedly killed his father with an ax after the dad threatened to throw him out of the house if he didn’t do well in his exams in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh, India on Saturday, April 2. This is a representational image. Pavlafox/Pixabay