A woman believed that a 27-year-old Las Vegas man had hurt her child. Reacting to it, the woman and two other suspects allegedly tortured the man with blowtorch and knives, forced him to walk off cliff and shot him.

Heather Pate, her boyfriend, Kevin Dent, and her former beau, Brad Mehn were detained in connection with the case, reported PEOPLE.

Nye County Sheriff's Captain David Boruchowitz said in a video statement that the victim, Roy Jaggers, was tortured for many hours with different weapons. After that, the suspects drove him to Cathedral Canyon where they "threw him off the cliff into the gorge where they subsequently shot at him numerous times, ultimately killing him."

The suspects were arrested within 36 hours of the initial 911 call reporting the deceased's body that was found on Aug. 1 in Cathedral Canyon.

The three used knives, blowtorch, baton and axe to torture him then stripped his clothes and made him walk off a cliff, as per a criminal complaint. Pate and her beau allegedly lured Roy to her house as they thought he had hurt her child, reported Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mehn is accused of shooting Roy, and the attorney of the accused said that prosecutors are considering death penalty for him.

Roy’s mother Kassy Robinson said that she did not know Pate well, but her son occasionally watched her dogs or babysat her children. His parents said that their son was a kind man who was not capable of hurting anyone.

After Roy's death, his father, Jerry Jaggers, asked, “How can you do that to another human being?”

Roy, an accomplished martial artist, worked as an electrician and a contractor, but had to do side work during the pandemic. He later joined a convenience store.

His mother said, “He used to come in my room and sit on the edge of my bed, and we’d just sit and talk for hours. And I miss that so bad.”

The last time she and her husband heard from their son was July 31. Roy's mother was away from their home, but he called his father to talk about his day, and ended the conversation with him telling his dad he loved him. He went to Pate’s house approximately two hours after the call, said Jerry.

Roy's mother now wants to “make sure that justice is served.”

Dead body
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