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A man from Portsmouth who stabbed his partner in the head over a missing lighter in May has been sentenced to 150 months in prison. Jake Gurr, 27, faced the Portsmouth Crown Court where the judge handed him a 12-and-a-half-year jail sentence and a 15-year-restraining order for his brutal 4-hour attack on 19-year-old Anisa Hutchinson early this year.

In a statement read out in court, the judge heard about the turbulent relationship the couple shared since meeting through mutual friends in 2019. Their relationship took a different turn after several months of enjoying a state of bliss. Gurr’s charm seemed to have worn off and being unemployed, he quickly revealed a controlling and abusive side. He often accused Hutchinson of cheating on him and being too flirty with his friends, which would lead to fiery disputes and trigger violent rage from Gurr, The Portsmouth News, reported.

In May, Gurr’s lighter went missing. Although possibly lost during a night out - this sparked an argument that turned into a 4-hour nightmare for the teenage girl. "He beat me for hours - he stabbed me in the back of the head. It was horrific and I thought I was going to die,” Hutchinson told the court.

Concerned neighbors called the police after hearing the commotion. Court documents stated that Gurr repeatedly beat the teenage girl while filming her and even threatened to rape her. When she tried to escape, Hutchinson was dragged back into the flat and then stabbed in the head with a knife. The victim was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital where she was treated for her injuries of which the knife had left a gaping inch-long stab wound on her scalp. Authorities arrived at the home but were assaulted by Gurr who had also seriously injured one officer. "Gurr had subjected his victim to hours of physical and verbal abuse on the morning that we attended and arrested him,” Detective Chief Inspector Dal Andrews said.

During the sentencing, the court was told that Hutchinson and her mother would often call the police but soon as the officers would arrive, the girl would be too scared to say anything. The victim’s friends expressed concern over their situation fearing that Gurr would probably kill her eventually. He was already running on probation over a previous incident where he strangled her in public

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