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A man in India allegedly went live on social media to broadcast his death as he took his life. The 26-year-old man identified as Kishan Goswami from Gujarat, hanged himself to death on July 17 at his residence in Meera park.

According to The Times of India, the man had accused his wife, in-laws and her relatives of constant harassment which led him to his drastic decision. During his broadcast, the man said his last words addressing his wife, Mitali: "I am unable to live anymore. Mitali, when I die, come to see my dead body once. I loved you, but your parents took away my life in return. They harassed me so much that I have to end my life.”

Goswami also stated his reasons for going on social media in the hopes that someone would help his parents in his case after his death. “I pray to God not to be reborn as a human. Bye Mitali, Alvida," the heartbroken man said before ending his life.

Nearly a month after his death, Mitali and her parents have been booked under charges of abetment to suicide. Goswami’s mother had since approached authorities and lodged a complaint with the police against Mitali, her father Pankaj, her mother Lata as well as her sister Sudha. Police booked the family along with two other persons linked to the case under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Goswami and Mitali were in love and their marriage was based on that arrangement. They married and went to live in Morbi as a couple. However, Mitali’s family was opposed to their relationship and had since made Goswami’s life miserable by constantly harassing him. They took Mitali back to their home and filed a case against Goswami. Mitali was living with her parents at the time Goswami took his life.

In a separate incident, a woman in Gujarat had also ended her life on July 12 after being harassed by her husband and her in-laws for dowry. The 29-year-old woman, identified as Pooja Vyas hanged herself in her bedroom right after she was tortured by her husband and in-laws while demanding her arranged dowry of Rs 15 lakh ($1.5 million)

Police found a suicide note written by Pooja where she blamed her husband and his parents for driving her to commit suicide. In her letter, she also urged that her family take custody of her child. She specifically stated she only wanted her husband to meet with their child and only at her parent’s home.

Pooja’s father filed a complaint of abetment to suicide agaisnt her husband Krunal Vyas, his brother, mother and other members of the husband’s family. He also indicated in the FIR that her husband and in-laws did not want her to bear children and had even attempted to subject her into abortion during her pregnancy in 2016.

Sola police arrested Krunal and his family Saturday.

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