A mentally disturbed man allegedly got hungry and ended up wanting to try consuming cat meat over in Indonesia.

He was identified as Rahmat Dhani who was arrested and charged with animal abuse. He could face up to nine months in jail if he is found guilty.

Dhani admitted to the killing, cooking and eating of his pet pregnant cat as well as the unborn kittens. The 26-year-old student also confessed that he did the act out of curiosity and because he was hungry.

The sick individual was allegedly home alone on Sunday at around 11:00 a.m. when he felt hungry according to the North Bengkulu Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Teguh Ari Aji.

"The culprit was curious and wanted to try cat meat. So he took his pet cat at home, slaughtered and skinned her, and he fried her for his consumption,” Aji said. "The cat came along and I was hungry and shaking. Then, when I ate the cat, my energy came back again."

The whole act of Dhani was so repulsive that he even took photos of the vile act as he went along. That included showing off how he fried the three fetuses that he had removed from the pregnant cat’s belly.

"My breakfast this morning is fried cat and chilli harvested next door," Dhani posted on social media.

It was only when a local named Adi Suryadi came across the gruesome online post that the incident had been reported to authorities. Dhani was arrested less than 24 hours later.

According to local media, the 26-year-old is charged with animal abuse and could face up to nine months in jail if found guilty. Aside from this, Dhani is also undergoing a two-week mental health evaluation at an unnamed psychiatric hospital.

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