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A man was arrested for repeatedly hitting his girlfriend with a broom in Yazoo City, Mississippi on Thursday, Sept 29.

The accused, identified as Patrick Burns, reportedly engaged in a heated argument with his girlfriend at their apartment in Genesis Court on Jerry Clower Boulevard in Yazoo City on Thursday, Sept 29. Following the heated argument, Burns, in a fit of rage, picked up a broom lying around in the apartment and hit her with the broom across her back, WLBT reported.

The heavy blow caused the broom to break in half. Even after the broom broke, Burns did not stop the assault on his girlfriend. He then picked up the broken pieces of the broom and continued to hit her with the broken piece of the broom across the back of her head.

Following the incident, officers from the Yazoo City Police Department were called to their apartment in Genesis Court on Jerry Clower Boulevard on Sept. 29.

According to the victim, after being attacked by the broom, Burns and the victim tussled back and forth. Following this, the victim managed to get out of the apartment. As the victim ran outside, Burns followed her, shouted at her, and caused a scene.

The victim then asked Burns for her car keys so that she could leave. However, Burns prevented her from leaving and refused to hand over the keys to her. Later, Burns, in a fit of rage, proceeded to get an eyebrow archer and threatened to kill the victim with it.

According to the victim, Burns reportedly swung the blade of the eyebrow archer at her. However, when the victim tried to protect herself from the attack, it reportedly cut her arm.

The victim’s three and four-year-old children were outside when Burns assaulted their mother.

Eventually, the victim managed to get her car keys and left the scene safely.

Based on the victim's complaint, authorities launched an investigation into the incident. Following this, the officers were able to track Burns down and arrest him on Gand Avenue. He is currently being charged with aggravated assault.

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