A furious husband killed his wife’s lover and asked his wife to decapitate his body. An affidavit signed by the wife, Britany Barron, revealed that Armando Barron had shot her lover dead three times on Sept. 20 after finding out about their affair through her phone.

Britany Barron told the New Hampshire state police that Armando ordered her to kill her lover, Jonathan Amerault, on the night of Sept. 19. Armando started assaulting Amerault beginning that night until the morning of Sept. 20. Britany said when she refused to kill Amerault, Armando held the gun and shot him three times. The police said two of the shots struck the victim in the chest and one struck him in the head.

After killing the victim, Armando forced Britany to cut Amerault’s wrists, which she did, while they were inside the victim’s car. Armando then ordered Britany to drive to Errol to purchase some tarps, lighter fluid, household cleaner and a shovel. They then headed towards the woods and made camp, during which Armando asked his wife to cut off Amerault’s head.

After decapitating her lover, Britany buried the head separately from his body. Armando then ordered her to send messages to loved ones and friends, telling them that she would move to New Mexico where her sister lives.

The police discovered Amerault’s body following reports of a couple camping in a restricted area in the woods. Hunters reported the Barrons to the Fish and Game Department of the state for breaking the no-camping rule in the area. When the police reached the area, they discovered Amerault’s body wrapped in a tarp near the brook.

The police arrested Armando on Sept. 23 while on the road with his daughter. He is now in detention after being charged with assault and capital murder in the death of Amerault. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Meanwhile, Britany was also charged with falsifying evidence after saying in the affidavit that she had mutilated and concealed the victim’s body and tried to clean his car. She ordered to be held without bail after pleading not guilty.