A man has been accused of brutally stabbing his neighbor to death after he allegedly caught the victim urinating near his house in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The victim, identified as Abhiman Bhandari, 52, an auto-rickshaw driver by profession and a resident of Umbarde village in Kalyan East, Mumbai, was reportedly stabbed to death by his neighbor Sopan Panje, 25, while he was on his way to a public toilet near his home on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Following the violent incident, the police have registered a murder case against Panje and arrested him, the Times Of India reported.

Bhandari, who was married and has three children, reportedly frequently urinated near the accused's residence at night while Panje's brother and his wife spent time together in the adjacent room. Panje has allegedly caught Bhandari in the act several times and, after several disputes, had sternly warned him against repeating the act.

However, without taking Panje's warnings into consideration, Bhandari reportedly continued to deface the suspect's property. Enraged, Panje allegedly stabbed Bhandari to death on Saturday morning, Nov. 20.

"The primary probe has revealed that the deceased would pee near the accused's house due to which on Saturday morning, the accused killed him by stabbing him multiple times," Ashok Pawar, senior police inspector of the Khadakpada Police Station, said.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man was reportedly stabbed to death after he engaged in a heated argument with a person who was urinating near to him in Wadala East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Friday, Oct. 1.

On Oct. 1 evening, while the victim, identified as Mohammad Rafique Ansari, 41, was reportedly having a conversation with his friend, the accused Mohammad Abdullah Alam Shaikh, 24, walked up to them and started urinating close to where they were sitting.

Ansari, who felt uncomfortable with the situation, asked Shaikh to move further away. This, however, led to a bitter confrontation between the duo, following which Shaikh took out a knife, stabbed Ansari, and fled the scene, according to Republic World.

Following the incident, Ansari was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead upon arrival. Officers subsequently conducted an investigation into the stabbing and Shaikh was arrested for murder sometime later.

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