A man in California was charged with false imprisonment, torture, and rape, among other crimes, after the female roommate that he imprisoned and tortured was able to escape the premises on Thursday before calling the police on him.

Peter Anthony McGuire, a 59-year-old man residing in Chino Hills in San Bernardino, California, was arrested after a 22-year-old woman who moved into his house said that he had tortured, assaulted, and raped her while keeping her prisoner in his house, according to the New York Daily News.

The woman said that McGuire had forced her to go through many different torturous situations while being forced to stay at his home, including cutting her tongue, putting out her eye, maiming different parts of her body, and slitting her nose, ear, and lip, The Daily Beast reported.

“Very soon after moving into the house she was not allowed to leave, she was held there against her will by him and at that point was subjected to multiple assaults,” a San Bernardino spokesperson said.

The woman was able to escape the home after months of being allegedly tortured and raped by McGuire, with bystanders at Alterra Park calling the police after they found the woman moments after her escape.

“The victim had visible injuries consistent with the allegations made,” the local authorities said in a statement.

The woman is in a hospital and is currently in a stable condition.

Authorities did not find McGuire in his home in Chino Hills once they attempted to arrest him, but they were able to track him in Orange County where McGuire was arrested after a standoff with the police. The SWAT team who responded reportedly tore off his front garage door during the arrest, according to ABC 7.

McGuire faces charges of kidnapping, torture, mayhem, rape, false imprisonment, sodomy, forcible oral copulation, and assault with a deadly weapon. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges pushed forward.

A man in California was arrested on Thursday after it was found that he has been torturing and raping a young woman inside his Chino Hills home for months without being detected. This is a representational image. ev/Unsplash.

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