What would people do if they forgot their masks? A 20-year-old Taiwanese man was seen waiting in line at a supermarket with a shoe on his face rather than a face mask in a video that just went viral. According to the Hong Kong news website Bastille Post, the man may have failed to put on a mask and used his shoe as a substitute.

The uploader posted the video on Twitter that went viral on April 28. “You can't enter the supermarket without a mask, so [this guy] use men's shoes instead of a mask.”

The man is seen wearing slippers, but, he might have bought that in the store when he was busy turning his shoe into a facemask. There’s also a huge possibility that it’s all simply a joke - but, with a shoe?

One Twitter user said, “I don't hate that idea, but it seems to smell no matter what I think, so I won't do it!”

Another netizen laughed at the idea, “The calmness of the person and the reaction of the surroundings. Is it because I can't see the front with my shoes?”

A Twitter user also challenged other people saying, “even though it smells.” This prompts other people to know the possibility of whether they can do the challenge and be able to hold the odor.

Some quipped grimly comedic that they may faint to the odor rather than with COVID-19 infection. Viewers can see there are yellowish stains by the soles, so, it must have meant that the shoe was worn rather excessively.

Whatever led to the idea of the man wearing his shoe as a mask was surely at jest. One can find the two women in front and back of him holding their laughter and wearing an odd look on his face.

Taiwan recently elevated its Covid-19 warning level in response to an increase in local transmissions that prompted the country to enter a state of "self-lockdown." To deter the spread of the disease, those entering supermarkets, grocery stores, and other locations are encouraged to wear masks. Non-maskers would be barred from the premises and ordered to return promptly.

Taiwanese Shoe Face Mask
Whatever led to the idea of the man wearing his shoe as a mask was surely at jest. Alan I Twitter

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