A man was handed a 13-year jail sentence for reportedly raping a woman who he met at a nightclub in south London.

The man was identified as Taulant Krasniqi who hooked up with the girl, then in her 20s, at a nightclub in Kingston, south London back in November 2017, the Mirror reported.

After their meeting, the woman allegedly went home and go to bed alone. However, she claims that she briefly woke up to find Krasniqi at the foot of her bed.

When she woke up the next morning, she no longer found Krasniqi.

Sometime later, the woman was surprised to learn that videos of her naked spread on Snapchat with an empty condom wrapper beside her.

From there, the woman called authorities and said she had not consented to sex with Krasniqi. An investigation was launched and the man would, later on, be arrested.

Krasniqi’s phone was seized during the investigation. The videos were found on the device showing him having sex with the woman.

In the video footage, the woman appeared to be unconscious and was demonstrating that she was not in a position to consent.

Messages from Krasniqi’s phone also showed he had spoken to friends stating he had taken items from the room, including an Oyster Card and iPod.

Krasniqi was later charged in court to which he pleaded guilty to theft and voyeurism. However, he denied raping the woman.

“Krasniqi knew that the woman he had gone home with was in no position to consent to sexual activity yet he took advantage of this situation and raped her,” Detective Inspector Julian Crabb said.

“He also filmed the woman without her knowledge and shared this on social media. His behaviour is truly abhorrent and I am pleased that he has been handed a lengthy prison sentence which reflects the gravity of his offending,” he added.

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