A man allegedly smothered his girlfriend's two-year-old daughter to death as he grew frustrated over her repeated cries for milk in Mumbai, India on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

The accused, Adil Munawar Khan, 21, was arrested by Bhayandar police on Wednesday, Feb. 2, after he was accused of murdering his girlfriend Puja Wagh's two-year-old child, Sonali, out of anger, after growing frustrated over her loud begging for milk, Times Now reported.

Wagh, 22, a mother of two, recently divorced her husband and had been living with her lover, Khan, for the past two years. When she moved in with the suspect, she was three months pregnant with her estranged husband's child. She would subsequently give birth to Sonali, her second daughter, six months later in January 2020. Meanwhile, Wagh's six-year-old daughter is currently living with her father.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, Wagh, who works for a catering firm, left Sonali in Khan's care while she went to work.

However, the next day, on Wednesday, Feb. 2, Wagh received a call from Khan informing her that Sonali had injured her head and was found bleeding. The suspect told Wagh that he was playing a game on his phone when he discovered that Sonali had fallen and injured herself. Khan then advised her to go to Tembhe Hospital where Sonali was being treated.

When Wagh arrived at the facility, the doctors had already proclaimed Sonali dead. Meanwhile, the hospital administration had also alerted the nearby Bhayanadar Police Station about the incident, Mid-Day reported.

The autopsy report revealed that Sonali's death was unnatural and was caused by smothering. Following this, the authorities filed a murder case and apprehended Khan.

Wagh later admitted to the officers that Khan used to beat the little girl whenever she pleaded for milk.

“Puja and Adil often had arguments over the two-year-old Sonali crying. Frustrated Khan continued screaming and hitting Sonali,” said an officer.

“We have registered the murder case and arrested Khan,” said another officer from Bhayander Police Station.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a mother, identified as 29-year-old Laxmi, a rag picker, allegedly killed her one-year-old daughter after getting annoyed by her crying in the Mangalhat area of Hyderabad, India on Tuesday night, Feb. 1, Latin Times reported.

Laxmi found herself annoyed by her one-year-old daughter's loud crying and screams after a long day of rummaging for scraps. In a fit of rage and frustration, Laxmi, who was under the influence of alcohol, reportedly mercilessly beat her child to stop the kid from crying. When the toddler continued to wail, the suspect proceeded to strangle her own daughter to death.

The mother's neighbors subsequently notified the authorities regarding the violent incident. Officers rushed to the scene and found the girl dead on the spot. They immediately transported the child's body to a mortuary for an autopsy. Meanwhile, the police have taken the woman into custody and launched an investigation into the incident.

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