A man has been accused of heinously killing his lover's husband, dismembered the victim's body into seven pieces, and scattering the remains in several locations in Telangana, India on Thursday, Nov. 25.

The accused, identified as P Raju, a janitor at a hospital, was reportedly having an extramarital affair with his married 31-year-old co-worker when he decided to commit the murder.

On Thursday, Nov. 25, Raju reportedly invited his lover's husband, K Shankar, 41, to his house. At his residence, Raju offered alcohol to Shankar and got him drunk before allegedly proceeding to bludgeon him to death with a beer bottle. He then severed Shankar's body into seven pieces and dumped the mangled remains in several different places in the district, hoping that it will prevent the police from identifying him as the culprit, the Times Of India reported.

The authorities launched an investigation after Shankar's mother lodged a complaint at the police station on Friday, Nov. 26, claiming that her son has been missing since the previous night.

A few hours later, the officers found Shankar's severed head and hand near Mallayalpally Crossroads near the NTPC cooling towers. After the gruesome discovery, Shankar's mother told the officers about the alleged relationship between Raju and her daughter-in-law and raised her suspicions regarding their involvement in her son's murder.

Following the discovery of Shankar's remains, Raju reportedly tried to flee the state. However, officers nabbed him at Ramagundam while he was trying to escape to Karimnagar town on his bike on Saturday, Nov. 27.

After being interrogated by officers, Raju confessed to the murder. He told the authorities that he committed the murder because Shankar frequently harassed his wife after suspecting her of infidelity. He further revealed that he committed the killing after being inspired by violent Indian and Telugu crime films such as "Detective" and "Naa Peru Shiva."

On Thursday night, Nov. 25, Raju reportedly invited Shankar to his house on the pretext of discussing their differences.

“Raju made Shankar consume alcohol and killed him by attacking him on the head with a beer bottle. He then severed the body into seven parts and threw them at different places like he saw in some movies thinking it will prevent police from arresting him,” a police commissioner said.

The authorities have reportedly also taken Shankar's wife into custody. Meanwhile, law enforcement has recovered the victim's remaining body parts from Bugga Temple road, Sapthagiri Colony, and near Mediapally graveyard on Sunday, Nov. 28.

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