A 26-year-old man reportedly killed the mother of his child and another man while also injuring another who intended to help the female victim in Brown Deer, Wisconsin on Saturday, Feb. 5.

It was on Saturday when police were alerted of shots being fired at the Park Plaza apartments, something that Police Chief Peter A. Nimmer said started from a domestic dispute, The New York Times reported.

A witness named Eric Lewis was awakened on that day after he heard gunshots being fired. When he looked out the window, he saw a man holding a gun who he believed was in a dispute with a woman he believes was the suspect’s girlfriend.

The unnamed woman ran for help and was aided by a man and a woman who emerged from a vehicle. The man who tried to help got shot and the ex-girlfriend woman was also eventually shot by the suspect. It has yet to be established if all the victims were related.

Lewis adds that he went out to help the victims. However, the 26-year-old fired shots his way from the second-floor balcony. He was shot in the ankle but was treated at a hospital.

The assailant also fired shots at police according to Nimmer.

“No officer from our department or any other department returned fire,” Nimmer stated during a press conference.

The child was left in the apartment during the commotion and was unharmed. He was placed in the care of relatives.

The gunman live-streamed his final moments before shooting himself following the incident. Police were still able to bring him to the hospital but the 26-year-old did not survive.

Aside from the man who tried to help, the identities of the other casualties have yet to be revealed by authorities.

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