A couple and their two toddler children were found dead inside a home in India's Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, Aug. 23. The Indore police added that the shocking incident is suspected to be a case of murder-suicide forced by financial hardships.

Police officers were conducting a welfare check at the family's home in Indore city on Tuesday morning, when they made the gruesome discovery.

35-year-old Amit Yadav, his 30-year-old wife Tina, their 3-year-old daughter Yana, and one-year-old son Divyansh, all were found dead inside the home, from where investigators also recovered a suicide note, reports said.

"The door of Yadav's house was locked from inside and police had to break it open to gain entry inside," Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dharmendra Singh Bhadoriya, told the Hindustan Times.

While Yadav was found hanging from the ceiling fan in the living room, the lifeless bodies of his wife and two children were found lying on the floor in their bedroom, according to reports.

A preliminary investigation revealed that Yadav died of asphyxia due to hanging, while the rest of the family members died of poisoning, the officer said.

Police beleive Yadav poisoned his wife and children before hanging himself to death.

The bodies were transported to a medical examiner's office, where an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death, police said.

Yadav was an employee at a private telecom company, but he reportedly had been dealing with financial crisis.

The suicide note found at the crime scene indicated that Yadav owed huge amounts to loan sharks and was taking the extreme step as he was unable to repay them.

A further investigation is underway, police added.

LT reported a similar incident when three members of a migrant family in India were mysteriously found dead inside a home in Patancheru, a suburb of Hyderabad city, on Thursday (Aug. 4) morning.

Basudev Kushwah (27), his brother’s wife, Rekha Kushwah (28), and her 2-year-old daughter Sonam, all were found hanging dead by the same rope from the ceiling fan in their home.

According to Patancheru Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bheem Reddy, Basudev and Rekha were having an illicit relationship and their family members had found out about it recently.

Police believe Basudev and Rekha hanged the child before killing themself.

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